What is LVCIDIA?

The future of art is digital, and we believe it holds the power to inspire and transform us.

Our mission is to support purposeful artists, developing tools to extend the limits of their expression. This intersection of art and technology will elevate the arts to new heights.

The immersive platform we are building—a natively 3D space—will serve as a creative destination for artists and collectors alike. Digital artists will finally be able to unleash their full potential, exhibiting their work as it was meant to be seen. Art collectors, new and old, will be able to hold a piece of the future.

We are LVCIDIA, and we are dedicated to shaping the next digital art renaissance.


Every month, we aim to release a new experience created by a renowned or rising digital artist. These experiences will explore a theme of the artist’s choice, providing an opportunity for self-growth. It is our hope that the viewer will leave the experience changed for the better.

This is an awakening experience. Discover the power of digital art and let it transform you.


  1. The first LVCIDIA Experiences are launched using the Manifold Studio tool. The Experiences are linked to our main LVCIDIA website.
  2. A marketplace with enforced royalties is launched to support the Secondary Sales of all LVCIDIA NFTs, including the Experiences NFTs.
  3. The Experiences’ smart contracts become directly integrated into our main website, removing the need to leave the website when buying NFTs.
  4. Relaunch of the LVCIDIA Unreal Engine project. The Experiences finally live on a 3D native, immersive platform.
  5. Both Primary and Secondary sales are supported inside the Unreal Engine platform.



As the main utility NFT in the LVCIDIA ecosystem, crystals are the key to Lvcidia’s future. They provide a spot on the Allowlist for all Experiences, Discounts on Finery, Access to Physical Events, the Best Earn Rate in Staking, and many more benefits yet to be revealed.


The LVCIDIA PFP project. Perfect for your socials, and publicly supporting our mission. Avatars provide Discounts on Finery, and can be Staked for rewards. You can redeem a FVCK_AVATAR by burning an ESSENCE, or purchase a revealed avatar on the secondary market.