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LVCIDIA is an immersive platform for digital art. We believe artists define culture, therefore digital art can transform our society for the better. To that end, we are building tools to support purposeful artists in creating meaningful experiences.

About us


You are billions of gigaparsecs away from earth, floating on a rust-coloured planet. The sky is black and the ground is rumbling. The dream feels vivid and real.

Sculptures made of liquid metal and glowing crystal embellish the planets in this galaxy. Created long ago by intergalactic artists, they express the fragility of our existence and the beauty of our humanity. Today, they are yours to explore.

Choose your own path, and harness the power of your NFTs to help us build LVCIDIA one step at a time.

LVCIDIA Staking utilizes blockchain technology in combination with high level gameplay mechanics. This document will help potential players and collectors maximize the potential of their NFTs, as they navigate through Lvcidia. Close your eyes and start dreaming.

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Physical Events

LVCIDIA Physical is all about bringing the mysterious and dreamy world of LVCIDIA into the real world using the latest technology available. It is a link between the physical and digital, where participants can escape the waking world for a single night and create unforgettable memories

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