drop 08/30/2023 by FVCKRENDER

As part of Coinbase’s “Onchain Summer” event, LVCIDIA is partnering with Fair.XYZ and Fvckrender to launch our first NFT collection on Base.


1 NFT // 12 Artworks 

The FLUX NFT is a project created by LVCIDIA, Fair.XYZ, and Fvckrender to support emerging digital artists using the Base network. Over the course of a year, the artwork featured on the ERC-721 NFTs from this open edition will transform monthly to showcase a rising star in the digital art space. Each new artwork will be paired with a full interview conducted by the LVCIDIA team, allowing the artist to share their story with a diverse range of collectors. At any point during the 12 month period, holders of these dynamic NFTs will have the ability to permanently ‘lock’ them on a featured artwork of their choice. 

For up-and-coming artists, releasing on the FLUX NFT is a great opportunity to naturally expand their collector base while introducing their work to a wider audience. After a new artwork is revealed, FLUX NFT holders will have only a single month to decide if the piece is one they would like to hold onto forever. This distinctive, gamified system adds a unique layer of stakes. Each month you must make a choice: cherish the current artwork indefinitely, or hold out for an upcoming month’s masterpiece.

Once the FLUX NFT undergoes metamorphosis, it can never be reverted to a previous state. 

During the featured artist’s one month showcase, they will have the full support of the LVCIDIA team. Through an interview, article, and Twitter Live Spaces, we will give the artist the platform to present their work in their own voice. The goal for the featured artist during this process is to forge a meaningful connection with their new holders. They are only guaranteed this audience for one month—ultimately, it is up to the artist to decide how they may best get the community invested in their future potential. We hope to conclude every month with the featured artist having acquired an unshakable base of passionate holders. 

No mint limit exists for the original Open Edition, allowing collectors to mint multiple FLUX NFTs if they choose. By minting 12 and locking one each month, collectors can ensure possession of a ‘complete set’ by the year’s end.

The FLUX NFT represents the first collaboration between LVCIDIA and Fair.XYZ. In the 10 months since the platform’s launch, Fair.XYZ has quickly become a haven for digital artists to sell their work. They have launched over 4000 collections, processing close to a million mints while amassing over $10 million dollars through primary and secondary sales. The unique toolkit they offer strives to remove the stress of minting for both artists and collectors, ensuring fairness at every stage of the process. We believe in Fair.XYZ’s vision of a more democratized, accessible NFT space, and are honored to partner with them on this release. 

“This will be our first release on Base, so we obviously wanted to do something special,” says Max Bucksbaum, Artist Relations at Fair.XYZ. “The ethos of Onchain Summer and the focus on onboarding folks into crypto made us think it would be important to do something with an artist who has been using this technology for a long time, and to have early provenance on an exciting new L2.  Not only is FVCKRENDER a great artist and early crypto adopter, but LVCIDIA specifically is its own entire onchain world.”  

“LVCIDIA, and this FLUX release specifically, are about highlighting smaller artists in the crypto community and giving them a platform for their work to be seen by existing crypto users, and those who are totally new to this world.” – Max Bucksbaum, Artist Relations at Fair.XYZ

For the first month of the FLUX NFT, we are featuring the work of Fvckrender (Frederic Duquette). A self-taught 3D artist based in Vancouver, Fvckrender’s expansive body of work and propensity for innovation have cemented him as one of the most celebrated artists working in the space.

His artworks have sold at major auction houses including Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and he has participated in a number of high-profile collaborations with luxury brands and musical artists.

Catch the Light—Fvckrender’s recent solo exhibition at W1 Curates in London—showcased the full scale of his works to offer an unforgettable audio-visual experience. 

In addition to his personal artistic career, Fvckrender serves as LVCIDIA’s founder and creative director, working to help digital artists reach their full potential. As a long-time champion of rising stars in the digital art sphere, we felt it would be fitting that he lead this 12-month odyssey.

FLORAFENCE//, the debut artwork of The FLUX NFT, features his signature chain link motif and beautiful crystalline rendering tied together with hypnotic animation.

Photo by @emilywhte // HYPEBEAST

Locking Your Flux NFT

Note: Freezing your NFT’s Flux is a one-time action that can never be undone. Ensure the displayed artwork is the one you would like to preserve in your wallet forever before proceeding.

1. Find your FLUX NFT on OpenSea, under “Profile” → “Collected”

2. Click on your NFT, and expand the “Details” section underneath the artwork to find your unique Token ID.

3. Click on this link, and connect your Web3 Wallet.

4. Expand the “stopFlux” tab, paste your Token ID, and click “write”. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction in your wallet for a small fee.

5. To verify that your FLUX NFT is now locked, select “refresh metadata” on the OpenSea item page. After a few moments, refresh the page to see “LOCKED” in the “Traits” section of your NFT.

Phase 1
08/30/2023, 6:30 PM EDT
Public Sale (48 Hours)
  • The FLUX NFT is an open edition available for 48 hours on August 30th starting at 6:30 PM ET. 
  • Price: 0.0069 ETH ( ~$11). 
  • The final edition size will be determined by the number of NFTs sold. 
  • There is no quantity limit on purchase; users may purchase as many NFTs as they choose.
Phase 2
Metamorphosis (1 Year)
  • After the initial sale concludes, The FLUX NFT will begin its transformation.
  • The first month will feature Fvckrender’s new artwork FLORAFENCE//.
  • 11 rising stars will follow in his path, a new artist every month. 
  • Collectors will have the ability to permanently lock their FLUX NFT at any time, preserving the current artwork in their wallet forever.
Phase 3
Return to Statis
  • Any FLUX NFTs that have not been locked by the end of the 12 month period will be reverted to the original Fvckrender artwork FLORAFENCE//. 


Price 0.0069ETH
Drop mechanic Open Edition
Token standard ERC-721
Blockchain Ethereum

“I’m very excited about this drop, because it will be a monumental element of LVCIDIA in showcasing amazing new art from upcoming and rising artists every month! This will likely be one of the biggest showcases for artists in the space!”

By Fvckrender, LVCIDIA Founder and Creative Director

Artist behind the drop


Futuristic tech-digital artist Fvckrender is a self-taught creative working out of Vancouver. With a defining affinity for sharp architectural geometry, beaming future landscapes and brilliant crystalline arrangements, his renders pay a dark homage to what may eventually reflect our very existence.