Jarvinart: Bridging Realities

Past 08/1/2023 by Jarvinart

Showcasing two never before minted artworks, Jarvinart invites you to join her on a journey of self-growth. Step outside of your comfort zone, and face the future head-on with our second curated digital art Experience. 

Adapting to a New World

Prior to creating Manual Labor, Jarvinart had never made any real attempt to incorporate AI into her workflow. She was unsure if the emergent technology would ever have a place in her art: “while I’m not against AI, I love my workflow a lot… and I think that I wouldn’t be satisfied if I was using AI as my main tool”. Where many artists who echoed her feelings have chosen to avoid AI-art altogether, Jarvinart instead saw an opportunity to widen her creative boundaries. By exploring this technology on her own terms, she was able to push the limits of her style.

The first artwork of “Bridging Realities”—titled Nightdrive—reflects Jarvinart at her best. Building upon her dystopian cyberpunk influences, the work portrays a neon-lit commercial district at the lowest level of the city. The atmosphere is palpable. A heavy haze rolls through the towering buildings, giving every light an entrancing flare.

In the detailing, Jarvinart’s distinct background in architecture and environmental work shines through. Every structure feels authentic, with a natural flow of human life that gives the piece its pulse. The asphalt glimmers with remnants of heavy rain, furthering the illusion of a world that exists in its own time and space outside of us. 

Nightdrive debuted on Jarvinart’s social media earlier this year to a thrilling reception. “I shared it, and I got really good feedback from [the community]. I think it’s my most favorited, most liked tweet ever,” Jarvinart explains. For such an impactful work, she wanted to ensure it had an equally exciting release: “I just kept it [for months]. I was waiting for a special occasion.” 

“Lvcidia is a great opportunity, I thought, because I love the team, I love Fvckrender, I love Roger [Dickerman], and I love everything in the vision. When I got invited, I was super freaking happy. There was no reason that I would say no to an opportunity like this… it’s such an honor for me, for real.”

Night Drive

Manual Labor, a new artwork created specifically for this release, was designed to pair with Nightdrive. Experimenting with her style, it represents a departure from her usual subjects: “The second piece is unique for me because it’s from an interior scene. I haven’t done that kind of work before, or at least, didn’t release it.” 

Whereas most of Jarvinart’s work keeps the viewer at a distance to take in the scale of her creations, Manual Labor captures a much more intimate setting. We’re left alone to watch as an AI-controlled robot engages in the act of artistic creation.

 “The room is a workshop… and you see that the AI—the robot—is training itself by using the landscape outside. So the prompt [it’s been given] is the real life that it sees outside the window… the Nightdrive cityscape.”

In reality, the Nightdrive artwork wasn’t created using any AI. But in Manual Labor, the variations of Nightdrive depicted are indeed computer generated: “To create those images on the computer screens, I fed the AI with my work—with Nightdrive—and generated some variations of it.” As a way of grappling with this technology which many artists find concerning, Jarvinart chose to infuse it into her work. “I also created some stickers, some little textures with Midjourney and DALL-E,” she notes. The finished piece is electrifying, feeling deeply personal despite its inhuman subject. With its release, one of the most exciting artists in the space has uncovered a new path forward. 

“And this was kind of a personal breakthrough for me… just using AI a little bit in my workflow, slowly adapting to that technology.” 

We’re honored to welcome Jarvinart to Lvcidia with her debut Experience. To learn more about her and her work, we invite you to explore our exclusive interview: “Finding Beauty in Dystopia with Jarvinart.” When asked what this release meant to her, Jarvinart had this to say: “I feel like it’s going to be a milestone in my career, because it’s such a huge honor. And especially because Lvcidia is now working on new technologies, and growing their perspective on immersive 3D spaces… I feel like there are going to be so many different interesting opportunities. I feel very lucky and honored to be one of the first artists in the Experience drops.”

Limited Edition
08/1/2023, 5:00 PM EDT
Holders Mint (24h)
  • Artwork: Manual Labor
  • Edition Count: 50
  • Price: 0.069 ETH
  • Register through Premint for select holders of Fvck_Crystals, Artifex Collections, and Jarvinart Collections (1/1 holders automatically eligible).
  • Registration closes July 31st at 5PM ET.
  • 1 per wallet; FCFS
  • Mint goes public after holders mint.
Public Ranked Auction
08/1/2023, 5:00 PM EDT
Ranked Auction (24h)
  • Artwork: Nightdrive
  • Edition Count: 5
  • Ranked auction; no time extensions
  • Closing time: August 2nd at 5PM ET
  • 1 per wallet

Manual Labor

Price 0.069ETH
Quantity 50
Drop mechanic Limited Edition
Token standard ERC-721
Blockchain Ethereum


Quantity 5
Drop mechanic Ranked Auction
Token standard ERC-721
Blockchain Ethereum

“Idil Dursun, known as Jarvinart, is an architect, cgi artist, and environmental concept enthusiast. Her talent is unmistakable, but it’s her vision that is at the root of this collaboration. Jarvinart’s work offers a sense of imagination, scale, and wonder. It invites us into a new reality. The growing universe of Lvcidia exists to transport you. Jarvinart and her new release Experience ‘Bridging Realities’ is the perfect addition to it.”

By Roger Dickerman, Artifex

Artist behind the experience


Idil Dursun—AKA Jarvinart—creates worlds that you can hold in the palm of your hand. A CG artist, architect, and environmental artist from Ankara, Turkey, her obsession with cyberpunk dystopias permeates through her work. Every piece carries with it a story extending far beyond the edges of the frame, making it easy to get lost in her creations. After joining the NFT space in March 2021 with her debut artwork Threshold, she’s found a passionate community of artists and fans who provide her endless inspiration.