June FLUX Artist: 0xMinimalism

Initiating_Transmission: Amidst the explosion of the digital art world, 0xMinimalism emerges as a distinct voice, channeling the simplicity of minimalist design to tell complex emotional stories. His digital art voyage began in 2019 within a polygon community, but it wasn’t until late 2022 that he truly found his unique artistic voice, inspired by the works of Grant Yun. 

This transition marked a shift from passive observation to active creation, spurred by the realization that digital artworks could achieve recognition and value akin to masterpieces by historical figures. Starting as a moderator, he engaged deeply with the operational side before stepping down to focus on creating his own artwork, fueled by admiration for high-selling digital pieces and a deep-rooted desire to see if his creations could resonate similarly.

Artistic Evolution

The pivotal moment for 0xMinimalism came when he decided to step away from operations within the space to focus solely on his art, driven by the potential he saw in vector artworks. This decision was fueled by a blend of admiration for high-selling digital pieces and a deep-rooted desire to see if his own creations could resonate on a similar scale. Overcoming initial doubts and fears, he committed to exploring his potential in the digital world, determined to make his mark.


Simplicity with a Soul

0xMinimalism’s artistic philosophy revolves around the exploration of personal and collective pasts, using minimalist vectors to connect with universal human emotions. His work is a dialogue between his memories and the viewer’s perceptions, crafted to evoke nostalgia, introspection, and a tranquil contemplation of life’s simple yet profound moments. Each piece is a story, a slice of life transformed into geometric shapes and muted colors, inviting the viewer to find meaning and solace in the familiar and forgotten.

A Toast To Romance

Geometric Elegance

Recurring themes in 0xMinimalism’s artwork include geometric shapes and a restrained color palette, emphasizing clarity and focus. These elements go far beyond being aesthetic choices but are imbued with symbolism—the geometry representing the structured yet fluid nature of memories, and the colors conveying the emotional temperature of those memories. His artworks often feature scenes and objects from his past, each carefully chosen and depicted to foster a connection that transcends time and space.

Meadow's Treasures

Creative Resonance

One poignant moment that exemplifies his deep connection to his work involved a piece based on a personal memory that was particularly emotive. As he translated this memory onto the digital canvas, the emotions intertwined with the creative process, making the artwork a therapeutic and revealing journey. This connection is further enhanced by his practice of adding backstories to his pieces, enriching the viewer’s experience and understanding.

Grail 86

Refresh and Reconnect

To overcome creative blocks, 0xMinimalism steps away from his workspace to engage with the world through other mediums—whether it’s sipping coffee outdoors, absorbing poetry and cinema, or simply resting. These activities are more meaningful to his process than acting as pure distractions, but are vital processes that replenish his creative well and inspire new visions.

Morning Routine

Art in Motion

Within FLUX, 0xMinimalism sees a dynamic space where art is not static but an evolving entity. The ability for collectors to “lock in” artworks is profoundly symbolic, akin to securing a moment in time that holds personal significance. Through his featured artwork showcased in FLUX, he aims to share stories that are both personal and universal, hoping to inspire a collective appreciation for the nuanced beauty of minimalism.


0xMinimalism is curious to explore new artistic mediums and techniques, such as abstract art, glitch effects, and photography. His dream project involves creating a communal space—a café or gallery where he can display his works alongside those of his peers, fostering a community of artists and art lovers.

Nostalgic Station

Artist’s Creed

0xMinimalism wishes for greater recognition of the emotional and physical efforts that digital artists invest in their work. Every gesture of appreciation, whether a like, a share, or a thoughtful comment, fuels his creative journey and affirms the impact of his art.

Where to Follow

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Bonglo, a prominent builder within Web3 and Leading Research & Artist Relations for LVCIDIA, brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and creative insight to the team. His journey from coastal Australia to being a published Environmental Microbiologist at Texas A&M has instilled in him a rigorous, data-driven approach. This methodology, shaped by curiosity & the scientific method, is now applied to his work collaborating with artists in the web3 space.

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