May FLUX Artist: Mehmet Karafilm

Initiating_Transmission: In the digital art landscape, where the potential for creative mediums is unbound, and where innovation meets introspection, Mehmet Karafilm stands as a beacon of poetic expression. His path into Web3 began in 2022, inspired by the works of great photographers like Rainer Hosch, and deeply influenced by his own father’s artistic legacy. A gifted Canon A1 camera at the age of fifteen marked Karafilm’s unique entry into photography, and also his passage from observing life to deeply engaging with it through art.

Artistic Evolution

The pivotal moment that defined Karafilm’s commitment to the arts was inherently familial. His father, a connoisseur of fine arts and literature, introduced him to the worlds of Bonnard and Ara Guler, crafting a foundation built on rich visual and poetic traditions. This backdrop was instrumental in Karafilm’s transition from traditional photography to the emerging industry of NFTs and digital art, where he saw an opportunity to weave his poetic sensibilities into the digital fabric of the blockchain.

Analogue Dream

Philosophical Depth

Karafilm’s artistic philosophy transcends simple visual representation to engage with the viewer on multiple emotional and intellectual levels. He seeks to blur the lines of clarity with a bit of ambiguity, allowing the viewer to derive personal meaning from his works. His photographs go far beyond simply representing images but are imbued with the essence of poetic documents, aiming to evoke a spectrum of poetic sentiments—from loneliness depicted as towering bushes to the visceral representation of personal and collective histories. His reverence for the philosophical teachings of his father and the poetic lines from classic literature enriches the narratives embedded in his work.

Shakespeare's Dream

‘My Father and the Faraway’

In his poignant piece, ‘My Father and the Faraway’, Karafilm captures a layered narrative of resilience and observation. The artwork features three distinct layers: a serene sunset, his aging father, and the ever-watching grass. Through this composition, Karafilm contrasts the passive growth of the grass with his father’s robust experiences of wars, migrations, and life’s harsh realities. This narrative celebrates survival and strength, but also reflects on the quietude that often accompanies life’s most profound moments.

Chess Pieces

Intuition and Inspiration

For Karafilm, the creative process is deeply intuitive, involving objects and elements that might seem incongruous at first but find their meaningful place in his photographs. His approach to overcoming creative blocks is equally immersive, involving reading literature and visiting museums, which serve as conduits for inspiration and mental rejuvenation. His recent visit to Refik Anadol’s exhibition reinvigorated his passion, pushing him to integrate his experiences into his photographic journey.

Song of Dry Meadows


Within FLUX, Karafilm sees a dynamic platform that aligns with his vision of art as a continuum—constantly evolving and engaging. The idea of collectors “locking” an artwork resonates with him as a mystical transformation of art ownership, bridging the gap between the tangible legacy of traditional art and the emergent dynamics of digital artistry.

Morning and Hope

My Father and the Faraway – FLUX Poem

My father watched the landscape in silence. Looking at a landscape, he thought the grass had been growing for days. Sometimes silence has a voice. As the years pass, some marks remain on a person’s skin and this is called growing old. My father had grown old and he had not grown up looking at the landscape. He had seen wars, migrations, accidents, and the movie called hope had fallen from the sky countless times.

Camera Olympus xa2

Film: Kodak Gold 200

Claude Monet's Flowers

Expanding Horizons

Looking ahead, Karafilm is excited about exploring more collaborative and experimental projects, particularly in the deep corners of analog photography and its integration with digital art. His dream collaboration with Refik Anadol symbolizes a fusion of traditional textures and modern digital aesthetics, promising to push creative boundaries and explore new artistic expressions. He also anticipates engaging more deeply with the Web3 community through virtual galleries and interactive photo sessions that challenge the limits of artificial intelligence in art.

Snake Curtain

Understanding the Artistic Journey

Karafilm wishes for a broader understanding of the artistic journey’s complexity, marked by its highs and lows, and the continuous challenge of expressing the internal narrative externally. Success, for him, is defined by the satisfaction derived from accurately conveying these internal dialogues through his art, transforming the subtle language of colors into a vivid storytelling medium.

Hemingway's Fists

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