A State of Flux

Incoming_Transmission: Hello Explorers. This month has been an eventful one for LVCIDIA, as we prepare an exciting slate of new releases. Staking Era 2 launched recently to positive reception, with hundreds of collectors staking their LVCIDIA NFTs for ownership over a Community Planet. Finery N2 Drop 3 made waves on our socials, with the new XYZ Baseball Hat proving especially popular. Your consistent support on everything we release has meant the world to us.

This week we have a great assortment of curated art drops to share with you. We’re thrilled to reveal the FLUX NFT, an ambitious year long collaboration available now (details below). Coming on August 7th, we’ll be releasing the third Lvcidia Experience by Renderfruit. Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter or Discord for the latest news.


Yesterday, the open edition mint for our newest release—the FLUX NFT—went live on Fair.XYZ. Created in collaboration with LVCIDIA, Fvckrender, and Fair.XYZ for Coinbase’s “Onchain Summer” event, the FLUX NFT is available for only ~$11 exclusively on Base (Ethereum L2 Network).

With FLUX, LVCIDIA furthers its efforts to support emerging digital artists. Over the course of a year, the artwork featured on these open edition NFTs will transform monthly to showcase a rising star in the space. Collectors will have the ability to permanently ‘lock’ their FLUX NFT at any time, preserving the featured artwork in their wallet forever.

For more details on the release, view the drop page on our website, and the article published in NFT NOW.



On September 7th, the highly anticipated third LVCIDIA Experience, RENDERFRUIT: POST MORPHOLOGIES, will go live. As with our past Experience drops, there will be limited edition artwork available for purchase. Collectors will soon be able to register for an exclusive PREMINT to have first access to the drop.

Clara Luzian—AKA Renderfruit—is a creative director and 3D artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s been invited to create content for commercial brands like Nike, Facebook, and Apple, while also developing visuals for musical artists such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, and many more.

Join us Tuesday September 5th at 7PM for a special Fvck_Monday in conversation with Renderfruit. As you prepare for the Experience, we also invite you to watch clips from our interview with Renderfruit and read our exclusive article on her work.



On Friday August 11th at 7 PM ET, the Second Era of Staking went live. This Era brings our loyal collectors together in the crafting of a Community Planet. At the time of writing, the Planet is 17.919% crafted.

In the weeks since we launched this new Era of staking, we’ve received plenty of great feedback messages from the community. Unlike the First Era, which was designed as a race to craft Stars, this Era rewards the patient. There is more complexity, and more strategy involved in the choices you make. We appreciate those of you who have given your time to engage with the release, and hope you’ll enjoy the process.

Our newest announcement is that the top 10 contributors in Staking Era 2—the largest holders of the planet—will receive an additional reward upon the Era’s completion. Be sure to stake your NFTs as soon as possible, to work your way to the top.


ARTIST Spotlight – Joe Pease

Recently, our team member and resident market specialist BONGLO has taken to the LVCIDIA journal to shine a light on some of the most promising artists in the space. So far, his insightful articles have dived into the work of Sam Spratt, Refik Anadol, and this week: Joe Pease.

While LVCIDIA is not currently working with or affiliated with these artists, we’re hopeful we can use our platform to draw attention to their incredible work. We believe this space can thrive if quality artwork created with passion is given the attention it deserves.

Bonglo’s articles will continue releasing every Wednesday on our site. If you’re enjoying them, be sure to let us know on Twitter.


June FLUX Artist: 0xMinimalism

June FLUX Artist: 0xMinimalism

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May FLUX Artist: Mehmet Karafilm

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April FLUX Artist: Anz

April FLUX Artist: Anz

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