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Initiating_Transmission: Welcome, esteemed explorers of the digital canvas and seekers of the avant-garde. Today, we dive into the intricate world of Look Highward, a UK-based artist whose fascination with AI and machine learning has given birth to the collection “Possibility Spaces.” This collection is a profound exploration of the human experience through the mind’s eye of machine learning. Look Highward’s journey from an early entrant to the digital art space to becoming an organic Web3 artist speaks to his curiosity and innovation that drives his exploration, embracing imperfections and glitches as beautiful expressions of creativity. So join us as we explore the realms of possibility and the future of art through the lens of Look Highward’s visionary work.

From Collector to Creator 

Look Highward’s journey began as an early entrant to the digital art space as a collector. Already fascinated with blockchain technology, he became drawn to the cryptoart and NFT space, witnessing firsthand the impact of this technology on a cultural and social level. His passion for collecting and his claim that he’s never sold a piece he’s collected adds a unique dimension to his artistic persona. His early entry into the digital art space was through Braindrops, a leading AI Art curation platform, introducing him to some amazing early AI artists exploring similar concepts and capabilities. 

He realized he could become an active participant in this emerging cultural and artistic space by minting his AI creations as 1/1 artworks. His first works, sold in late 2021, were traveling image zooming videos conjuring imagery to accompany poetry readings using machine learning.

Exploration in AI & Machine Learning 

Look Highward’s journey into AI began with text generation in LLMs like GPT-2, where he crafted poems and trained models to channel the essence of past poets. His experimentation was enriched by resources like Advadnoun’s Big Sleep notebook, a standout tool in the AI open-source community.

Despite not having a formal background in coding or computation, Look Highward’s dedication to self-education in AI code is truly commendable. His initiation into this domain was during the first COVID lockdown in the UK in 2020. With a professional background as a writer, editor, and a tech writer within the blockchain industry, Look Highward’s fascination with tech and AI has been long standing. His degree in philosophy further adds depth to his exploration of AI’s potential.

His hands-on approach initially saw him experimenting with various scripts on Google Colab. However, recognizing the potential and desiring more control, he transitioned to a local setup. This shift was pivotal in refining his art creation process. Using a diverse range of open-source resources, he meticulously developed the workflow for his magnum opus, “Possibility Spaces”, entirely on his local environment. This project, a testament to his dedication and vision, spanned around seven months. Each intricate piece was built up over many iterations of scale, with the final, largest version of each taking approximately an hour of generation time, even on his local setup, given its vast size and detail.

The composite collage style of his work emerged from a collaboration with a sculptor in which Look was crafting large AI-generated collages to be featured within physical statues. This partnership led him to explore innovative approaches in art presentation, where he unearthed the capability to craft dense, high-resolution images. He takes the beauty of visualization and builds upon it as a profound exploration of the boundaries of imagination and technology.

Possibility Spaces 

“Possibility Spaces” is a collection of mega-resolution artworks that explores the human experience through the mind’s eye of machine learning. Set across twenty-seven realms, the series welcomes imperfection and embraces glitch as beautiful, spanning up to 250 million pixels for specific pieces of art. Look Highward’s ability to synthesize creativity into new and never-before-imagined creations is showcased in the collection. Look Highward released “Possibility Spaces” as a curated art drop with Sovrn Art, an indie drop studio valuing structures that uphold the principles of sovereignty and decentralization. Sovrn Art, originally founded by Pindar Van Arman and now led by developer Justin Highland and creative director Ezra Shibboleth, ensures artists have 100% control of their contracts and full ownership of their art, including all royalties.

The Realms of Look Highward 

Look Highward’s realms are a journey through human imagination, spirituality, art, nature, and beyond. Each realm offers a unique perspective and a glimpse into his multifaceted artistic vision. From the Shopping Malls, where consumerism meets art, to the Astral Planes, a divine realm full of godlike beings and creatures, Look Highward’s realms reflect his obsession with the ways the human condition can be explored within the layers of meaning in the latent space of machine learning.

Embracing the Glitch 

Look Highward’s embrace of glitch as an artistic element is a philosophical stance that challenges conventional aesthetics. His work in “Possibility Spaces” is not about creating flawless digital images but about finding beauty in the unexpected and the imperfect. The glitch is present from the very first moment, guiding us through realms that defy traditional artistic norms. It’s a celebration of the unconventional, a reminder that art thrives in the spaces where rules are bent and broken, not confined to rigid standards.

The Impact of Technology 

Look Highward’s relationship with technology is deeply intertwined with his artistic expression. His self-taught journey into AI code and his early interest in blockchain, having first bought Eth in 2018 and discovering the NFT scene in 2021, are integral parts of his artistic journey. His art moves far beyond simply being a product of technology; it’s a commentary on the transformative power of AI and machine learning. It’s about the possibilities that open up when technology is a partner in the creative process, not just a tool, leading to a complex interaction and communication between artist and AI.

The Possibilities are Multiplying 

Look Highward’s work is a profound exploration of the capabilities of AI and machine learning in art. His journey from collector to creator, his innovative use of technology, and his embrace of the glitch make him a standout figure in the digital art world. His realms are a testament to his creativity, and his approach to art challenges us to see beauty in the unexpected. His collection, “Possibility Spaces,” is a beacon of innovation, reminding us that art thrives where imagination and technology meet.

Until our next journey, continue to explore the boundless universe of digital art, where artists like Look Highward advance the edge of creative possibility.


Bonglo, a prominent builder within Web3 and Leading Research & Artist Relations for LVCIDIA, brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and creative insight to the team. His journey from coastal Australia to being a published Environmental Microbiologist at Texas A&M has instilled in him a rigorous, data-driven approach. This methodology, shaped by curiosity & the scientific method, is now applied to his work collaborating with artists in the web3 space.

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