Lvcidia x NFT NYC

Steve Aoki performing at Lvcidia NFT NYC (Photo by Karel Chladek)

Incoming_Transmission: Worlds collided. At Mural Fest MTL and NFT NYC, Lvcidia left its mark on our reality. Explorers new and old were invited to step into a world of art unlike any they’d seen before.

As with any growth, there were low moments and there were triumphs. We have learned enormously from the experience and thank all of you for the support. We hope to see you again soon…


During NFT NYC week, we did not hold our regularly scheduled Fvck_Mondays session. The team was busy preparing for the event, and would not have been able to devote their full attention to the community. We apologize for the lack of communication on that, and appreciate your understanding. Fvck_Mondays will resume as scheduled on July 4th. We will be discussing our reactions to the IRL events, as well as the new challenge on Rouge launching July 6th.


Before getting into how our NFT NYC event went, we’d like to provide a bit more information about the event we hosted at Mural Fest MTL a few weeks prior (June 11th-12th). Working in tandem with Mural Fest, Lvcidia hosted the official after-party for the festival on its first night. The next day, we put on an immersive art exhibition for attendees. This event ended up being more-so a reunion party signifying Fvckrender’s return to Montreal than a major Lvcidia event. Most attendees were not Lvcidia holders, though we did provide the 50+ holders that attended special access and privileges. Overall, over 1000+ festival attendees stopped by our events, many of whom were likely being exposed to Lvcidia for the first time. It was a huge success and the team is very proud of what was accomplished.

In the weeks that followed, we did what we could to learn from our MTL event so our next outing would be even greater. This involved changes to our layout, set-up, and most notably the projection mapping (which Fvckrender worked tirelessly on improving). The team is always striving to improve, tackling issues head-on and taking feedback. With new experience, we came out at full force for NFT NYC.


Line outside Lvcidia NFT NYC (Photo by Karel Chladek)
Line outside Lvcidia NFT NYC (Photo by Karel Chladek)


Together with our collaborators PHNTM Labs, Lvcidia put together a high-end art experience at Studio 525 in New York. The first day of the event featured an open gallery space, in which NFT NYC attendees could immerse themselves in the beauty of Lvcidia, see sculptures, digital artworks, and even buy merch. In the evening, world-renowned DJ STEVE AOKI took the stage for a party we hosted in collaboration with A0K1VERSE. They brought a great energy to the event and we thank them for coming out. Now, day 1 also brought to light some issues which we will keep in mind for future events. Our venue — typically used as an art gallery — did not have the ventilation to fully accomodate an event of this scale. We also noticed that our ticket system wasn’t on par with our standards, and as such we have found a new partner for our future events (you can already start setting up your TokenProof account).

Lvcidia Art Gallery at NFT NYC (Photo by Karel Chladek)
Lvcidia Art Gallery at NFT NYC (Photo by Karel Chladek)


Day 2 of the event was planned to have a similar structure as the first day. The Lvcidia exhibit would be open until 6pm, briefly close up, to finally re-open at 9pm for a party with grammy-nominated artist TOKIMONSTA & THE HOLY. However, due to noise complaints we were completely shut down by the NYPD around 6pm. Time was limited, and while working towards a solution our communication could have been clearer. However, in the span of only an hour our event team at PHNTM found us a new venue to host the community for the night. While we initially believed we would only be able to allow Holders in for that night’s party, the change in venue meant GA ticket owners could come as well. The following event at the House of Yes was incredible, showcasing our diverse community to the fullest degree. Tokimonsta and The Holy put on a great show, with major artists coming out to support (Mad Dog JonesBurnt Toast, and many more).

Lvcidia NYC Day 2 party at the House of Yes (Photo by Karel Chladek)
Lvcidia NYC Day 2 party at the House of Yes (Photo by Karel Chladek)


For day 3 of the event, we returned back to the gallery space and opened up one more day to the public. Plenty of holders and non-holders alike came to visit, giving the space a great atmosphere. We sold merchandise and an exclusive open edition NFT for the event. Throughout the convention, Fvckrender was constantly giving interviews and connecting with other figures in the space. With the success of the event, we also saw a sharp boost in Fvck_Avatar sales. Especially of importance to us, we had plenty of chances to speak with the community directly about their ideas and excitement for the project. We are more motivated than ever now to do more IRL activations, collaborating with communities who recognize that our vision is not just to be an NFT project. We want to help usher in a new art renaissance — one that offers a new way to interact with artists. For future events, we’d also love to make it more interactive, such as with collective art creation and other community activities.

Fvckrender (center) with community at Lvcidia NYC Event (Photo by Karel Chladek)
Fvckrender (center) with community at Lvcidia NYC Event (Photo by Karel Chladek)


Our first series of merch was made available in person at our MTL and NYC events, but will also be available online within the coming months once our web3 e-commerce site is up and running. Currently, we are hoping to have the site done by the end of July. Among the initial offerings, we were contemplating including a few of the extra MTL exclusive shirts signed by Fvckrender to commemorate them as the first official Lvcidia wearables. If that is something you might be interested in, do let us know! We will have more updates on this in the coming weeks, thank you for your patience.

Lvcidia merch for sale at NFT NYC (Photo by Karel Chladek)
Lvcidia merch for sale at NFT NYC (Photo by Karel Chladek)


Our next big Lvcidia event will be on Rouge July 6th. Like our last event, those who complete the challenge the quickest will receive special rewards such as the CURIOSITY STONE from the last challenge. Winners also receive a special “Trophy Hunter” role in our discord. Even if you’re not confident in your speed, we hope you can have fun with the challenge and experience Lvcidia. More details coming soon to our Twitter and Discord.

Rouge Stones


Another week, and even more ESSENCE has been burned. With our IRL events, many new collectors have entered our community. Here are my personal favorite avatars from the last few weeks: one a new mint, and one an above-floor sale. Congratulations to the owners!

Avatars of the Week, Week 3


Preview coverage for our NFT NYC event went live on NFT CultureAlexa BlockchainArt Fix DailyEDM.comCrypto Meta NFT NewsNFT CableGadget Officials, and more. We were also featured in event roundups from NFT Evening and Art Net. As word spread, Fvckrender participated in a Twitter Spaces with NFT Now to discuss the event in greater detail. By utilizing these varied channels, we secured a great turnout for our NYC event. Reactions across social media were exceedingly positive. To read more about the event, check out NFT Now’s post event coverage.


Before closing, we wanted to congratulate Fvckrender on being awarded ‘Best Digital Artist’ by OpenSea, as well as making it into the 2022 NFT100 List alongside a great variety of artists and creators. Fvckrender truly gives Lvcidia his all, doing everything he can so that the community thrives. We are extremely excited about the future of Lvcidia and look forward to going on this journey with you all!


  • More challenges in LVCIDIA. Next on July 6th.
  • More IRL events.
  • Clothing website and sale.
  • Revised Lvcidia Website.
  • Whitepaper completed, awaiting release.
  • A-list artist activation inside LVCIDIA.
  • Tiered benefits depending on amount/types of NFTs held.
  • Collaborations with metaverses.
  • Physical art pieces.
  • New and improved Photo Tool.
  • Rare NFTs hidden within the game.
  • Star builder.
NFT NYC Photo by Karel Chladek
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