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Incoming_Transmission: Hello explorers. This past week has been quiet, but do not mistake that for inactivity. Our staking and e-commerce are within final stages of development, with the team working their best to deliver a superior product. We will reveal more to you very soon. For now, take the time to prepare your mind for an experience unlike any you’ve seen before. Come and escape the waking world


We launched our second Rouge challenge on Friday July 22nd. A few days later, after confirming the validity of each winner, we announced the 25 lucky winners who were awarded a TENACITY STONE//. You can see the full list below, as well as their competition times. Thank you to all the winners for being such good sports! It was a pleasure to see everyone working together in the discord, and we appreciated that the early winners didn’t give up any answers to ensure everyone could enjoy the experience for themselves. While the challenge went on, we also invited players to post their best photos from Rouge in the discord and on twitter with the hashtags #rouge and #lvcidia. The submissions were excellent, and we’re excited to further explore the realm of Lvcidia photography with the community.

These challenges on Rouge are a display of the possibilities of Lvcidia, to keep the community engaged while heavy work is being done behind the scenes building out the digital experience. We hope you enjoy them, because they only scratch the surface of what we plan to deliver in the future.


Rouge Challenge Winners List
Completion times for the top 25 finishers.


As mentioned in the last Fvck_Monday, Fvckrender and the digital team are working on expanding Lvcidia with a new galaxy and new environments. It’s our goal to include more artists in the creation process of Lvcidia, with distinctive environments each created under singular visions. To that end, we already are in talks with an exciting roster of skilled artists who will have their own permanent environments within Lvcidia. Holders may receive special privileges in these environments, such as access to exclusive NFT releases. By joining forces with exceptional individuals, we hope to further bolster the Lvcidia experience.


A gorgeous piece of concept art for staking was shared this week, featured below. While the last newsletter featured a variety of information on our vision and goals for staking in Lvcidia, not much information has been offered past that point. There is still quite a bit of secrecy. We want the the community to discover, engage with, and be surprised by our staking mechanics upon launch. To that end, not everything will be clear immediately. We’re excited to see you all take an active approach in exploring this new facet of the Lvcidia ecosystem. With the progress we’ve made these past few weeks, you should’nt have to wait much longer.

Lvcidia Staking Concept Art
Lvcidia Staking Concept Art


The concept for the final Rouge challenge is still in the development stage, allowing for some flexibility as other aspects of the project develop. We always want to build on the previous challenges, ensuring the finale stands on its own and introduces new forms of complexity and creative thinking. While our original slated date for this challenge was August 17th, it may end up occurring later after the delay of the second challenge. We will do our best to get it ready as soon as possible, so in the meantime follow our socials for more info.


Fvck Crystals made a surprise appearance as part of the visuals of a recent ODESZA live show. Specifically, 3D models of crystals owned by @_Japanese Dad_ and @LandisTanaka. This sparked a question during our recent Fvck Monday on if the community would eventually be able to get their hands on 3D models of their crystals too. The answer: yes. While currently they are only provided upon request, we are working on functionality that will allow for holders to download 3D models of their crystals. Additionally, we are working on a feature that would allow you to download high-resolution images of your Fvck Avatars (like how it’s currently done for crystals).

Odesza live show, with a Fvck Crystal on screen.
Odesza live show, with a Fvck Crystal on screen.


Holders of Fvckrender’s past 1/1 artwork were offered DOOMED//, a new limited edition piece, as a free to claim NFT. Handmade crystals and avatars do not qualify, as they have special utilities coming to them in the future. Fvckrender wants all of his collectors to feel rewarded and involved in his work, even if they are not actively participating in the Lvcidia ecosystem.


Another fun mechanic coming soon to holders of Fvckrender artworks is a merge. A recent preview on twitter showed a beautiful hybrid of BALANCE// and REPRESSED//, which will soon be redeemable to collectors who hold both. This is a chance to watch your NFT evolve into a new form. While there are only a select few who will be eligible for this reward — many having burned Balance for crystals — it’s exciting to imagine the other possibilities of this mechanic.

DOOMED// by Fvckrender (left) and BALANCE// x REPRESSED// (right)
DOOMED// by Fvckrender (left) and BALANCE// x REPRESSED// (right)


ESSENCE. To burn, or not to burn. Many of you these past couple weeks have chosen the latter. We love to see new community members show off their freshly burned avatars in chat, but it is impressive how many of you continue to hold so dearly onto your Essence. Only the future can say if you’ve made the right decision. Here are my personal favorite new avatars of the week. Congratulations to the holders!

Avatars of the Week, Week 6


This week we have a market recap from team member BONGLO, who posts excellent write ups in the #fvck-intel channels of our discord:

“The past 2-weeks have yielded significant dynamic shifts within the market, with a smaller pool of builders and collectors resulting in fewer (though more justified) noteworthy price action developments. The biggest name has clearly been carried in The Potatoz, who have slowly had leaks of information trickled down into the retail investor pool, including the staking/rooting system leaked on Twitter in which a staked Potatoz allows entry into raffles for NFTs from Memeland and the 9Gag team (MVP/Potatoz). The [LEDGER] Market Pass has been another promising development in facilitating a range of upcoming projects, beginning with BRICK which was officially announced this week, jacking up the floor. In this time of great market pressure we see innovation in approach and mechanics flourish, like with the BRICK project who just yesterday opened their merchandise store in combination with earning a WL position for mint, integrating cryptocurrency payment options and Web3 rewards for physical purchases. Very creative.

I have observed that the mature business/community structure integrated into certain projects who’re praised for it have found the most stability in this time. Currently the most important factor in a Web3 brand and project is longevity, which comes through foundational development and capital gains. This is also the greatest limitation at this point. Consequently, I will be looking to analyze more projects that contain the potential through innovative product market fit, foundations built, and structure implemented to not just survive, but trailblaze the future of integrating the NFT space into everyday cultural values and practices. With this in mind I am open to discussions and suggestions on any developments or projects in which you see the potential for a creative project structure and vision.


We love to give back to the community, and this past week we hosted some major giveaways. Fvckrender gave away a beautiful diamond snake Fvck_Crystal on his twitter to one lucky retweeter. Additionally, holders of Fvckrender x Baeige collaboration NFTs were given a chance at winning Baeige’s 1/1 Handmade Fvck_Avatar which had been stored in the Lvcidia wallet since mint. Congratulations to the winners, and we hope to see you utilize your rewards in the coming months!


  • The final Rouge challenge.
  • More IRL events. Possibly Fashion Week and Art Basel Miami.
  • Merch website and sale.
  • Merch line #2.
  • Revised Lvcidia Website.
  • Whitepaper layout and design.
  • A-list artist activation inside LVCIDIA.
  • Tiered benefits depending on amount/types of NFTs held.
  • Collaborations with other metaverses.
  • Physical art pieces.
  • New and improved Photo Tool.
  • Rare NFTs hidden within the game.
  • Star builder.
Baeige 1/1 Fvck Avatar
Ryan's Handmade Fvck Avatar
Ryan McCue

Ryan is an LA-based writer and filmmaker. He began as a Lvcidia community member in early 2021, drawn to the cinematic beauty of Fvckrender’s virtual creations. His engagement with the community led to him becoming a moderator for the Discord, and in 2022 he was brought on officially to create Lvcidia’s newsletter. He now assists in writing articles for the Lvcidia journal, conducting interviews, and moderating the occasional live Q&A.

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