Sam Spratt

Initiating_Transmission: Welcome, esteemed patrons of the digital arts, explorers of the abstract, and connoisseurs of the avant-garde. Today, we delve into the world of Sam Spratt, a New York-based artist whose work is a testament to the power of digital artistry and the human spirit. His series, LUCI, is a testament to his innovative approach to digital art, blending traditional painting techniques with cutting-edge technology to create a unique and captivating narrative.

Our Guide: Sam Spratt

Born and raised in New York, Sam Spratt has made a name for himself in the digital art world with his unique approach to painting. His work is a blend of traditional painting techniques and digital mediums, resulting in a style that is both familiar and innovative. His art is a reflection of his pursuit to create human art with human values, focusing on our stumbles, realizations, and the fight to engage in a shared reality.

Spratt’s work has found homes in various creative industries, from games and films to music and theater. He has collaborated with renowned entities such as Rockstar Games, Netflix, Marvel, and Universal Music Group, among others. His client list is a testament to his versatility and talent, featuring names like Kid Cudi, Donald Glover, and a host of Fortune 500 CEOs.

Luci - First Sacrifice

The Art of LUCI

LUCI is Spratt’s most recent series, debuting on SuperRare in October 2021 and later auctioned at Christie’s. The series is a search for a feeling that is as ancient as it is futuristic—something true in us, regardless of time, period, or interpretation. It is a narrative about the rediscovery of our most ancient human values in a post-historic world.

LUCI is composed of digital paintings paired with written psalms, released as episodic pieces of an evolving story. The series has generated significant interest and financial success, with primary sales reaching $1.4 million and additional secondary volume of approximately $690,000. The highest single sale was for the piece VIII. Infinite Ceremony, which sold for $263,000.

Spratt’s artistic approach in LUCI blends traditional painting techniques with digital mediums, resulting in pieces that are rich in detail and depth. The visual elements in each piece, from the use of color and texture to the symbolic imagery, contribute to the unfolding narrative, creating a sense of tangibility and realism in the digital space.

The Skulls of Luci, a series of derivative paintings, extend the narrative of LUCI. These unique pieces, varying in color, texture, and symbology, were made as claimable gifts to those who placed an offer on Sam’s first three LUCI paintings. Each skull is woven into the story of Luci, inspired by the same ancient teachings and hominid origins, showcasing the power of digital art in storytelling.


The Impact

Sam Spratt’s influence in the digital art space is profound, with his work resonating deeply among collectors and enthusiasts alike. His unique blend of traditional artistry and cutting-edge technology has caught the attention of notable figures in the NFT community.Prominent collectors and advocates for digital art, have often expressed admiration for Spratt’s work, including Cozomo Medici, Cyborg Nomad, Bharat Krymo, gmoney, seedphrase…the list goes on. In particular, praising his ability to bring emotion and depth to the digital canvas, and for his ability to challenge conventional notions of art and its role in society.

Luci - Lullabies For Isaac

The Future of Art 

Spratt’s work exemplifies the transformative power of technology in the realm of art. His unique blend of traditional painting techniques and digital mediums offers a compelling commentary on the human experience in the digital age. His courage in pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms and his innovative use of technology inspire us to reconsider our understanding of art and its potential in the age of AI.

As we conclude our exploration of Sam Spratt’s artistic journey, we are left with a profound appreciation for the transformative power of digital art. Spratt’s work, particularly his series LUCI, challenges us to reconsider our understanding of art in the digital age. Until our next journey into the infinite realm of digital art, continue to immerse yourself in the captivating narratives and innovative aesthetics that artists like Spratt offer.

Luci - Birth of Luci

Bonglo, a prominent builder within Web3 and Leading Research & Artist Relations for LVCIDIA, brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and creative insight to the team. His journey from coastal Australia to being a published Environmental Microbiologist at Texas A&M has instilled in him a rigorous, data-driven approach. This methodology, shaped by curiosity & the scientific method, is now applied to his work collaborating with artists in the web3 space.

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