Welcome to a New World//

LVCIDIA in-game photo captured by David_#1361

Incoming_Transmission: Hello Explorers. From now on, this bi-weekly newsletter will function to keep the LVCIDIA community up to date on all recent developments. Come and escape the waking world…


“While exploring the breathtaking spacescapes of LVCIDIA, you notice the stars around you acting strangely. You think they might be reacting to your presence, but that wouldn’t make sense. That’s when you start feeling something behind you. You turn around slowly…”

On May 25th, we launched our first holders only experience within Lvcidia: ROUGE//. This newly accessible planet contains an exciting challenge for Crystal and Avatar holders. The first 25 explorers to have completed the challenge received a Curiosity Stone// NFT as a reward, and anyone who completes it will gain early access to our multiplayer tests. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared kind words about the event. At peak, there were 3,000 concurrent users. We will do our best to ensure the next one is an even more polished and enjoyable experience.


Fvck Avatar Utilities


This past week we hosted our first in a series of bi-weekly Twitter live spaces called FVCK_MONDAYS (7PM ET/4PM PT). These live spaces will give the team an opportunity to speak directly with the community about what’s been happening behind closed doors. We know not everyone is on discord, so we hope the newsletter and the live events will help improve communication. The first event was a great success, with plenty of great information from the team and excellent questions from community members.


Ever since the reveal of Fvck_Avatars in early April, much has been going on behind the scenes at Lvcidia. We have been adding staff, tweaking management, and developing a content strategy to ensure a more consistent schedule of programming. No matter the state of the market, our vision stays the same. We have been working tirelessly to build Lvcidia into a brand, an identity, and an experience that you will all be proud to be a part of. Though there was a fair bit of negativity following Avatars, our core community has grown and been incredibly supportive throughout it all. We thank them immensely for their patience. Lvcidia isn’t going anywhere.

Fvck Crystal Utilities


Rightly so, there have been many questions on when the whitepaper and staking will be released. We apologize for all the delays. As of now, we have been spending the past month iterating through the latest version of the whitepaper. There have been many meaningful conversations, larger collectors provided feedback, and improvements have been made. When we feel it is the best it can be, it will be released. As for staking, we have a strong plan for integrating it in the short term. There is also a long term plan being developed to leave room to accommodate any changing regulations. Tokenomics done properly require much care and consideration for the law to cultivate the longevity of the project.

Crystal Graphic


There are two IRL events incoming for members of Lvcidia: MTL (June 11th-12th) and NFT NYC (June 21st-23rd).They will provide special access and privileges for holders. Our goal for these events is for the community to experience Fvckrender’s art in a way never seen before, one that fully utilizes the 3D nature of his work. these events, especially our NFT NYC event, will bridge Lvcidia with the real world. The physical and the digital are connected, communicating. Our NYC event is just the first step in creating a series of immersive IRL experiences which will build into something incredible. More details soon.


Our first series of merch is currently in production. The first 2 pieces will be available exclusively to IRL event attendees in June (1 for MTL, and 1 for NYC). The remaining 4 pieces are planned to be available both online and at events. Fvckrender has long dreamed of releasing his own high-end merch, and has been going to great lengths to ensure it is the best quality. We are currently developing the website for online merch sale — with web3 integrations to provide discounts to holders — as well as speaking with stores in major cities about stocking the merch IRL. Rendering the merch in 3D as NFTs is also something we’re exploring.


This month saw the reveal of two new Handmade Fvck_Avatars, #8417 and #8448. Congrats to the minters! ESSENCE can still be burned for a new random avatar at any time, and soon even more Handmade 1/1s will be added to the possible mints.

Avatars of the Week, Week 1


Team member MANNY (7+ years at a marketing agency) has been working on developing our new marketing strategy. He’s built the team needed to make it happen, so expect to see progress in the coming weeks. For now, we’ve rebranded a bit on our twitter with a bold graphic layout to distinguish us better.


We have officially onboarded AndyD//ANDREA as our community manager and ALEX as our moderator on social platforms. They will be dealing with day-to-day management, and coordinating with Manny on content strategy.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hosting a video contest centered around LVCIDIA exploration. Anyone was allowed to enter; details in the linked tweet. Each week’s winner received a Fvck_Avatar, and 1 lucky winner will get a Grand Prize. We’ve been thrilled with all the submissions, and would like to once again congratulate all the winners: @mpoprocki, @jocccc2, @Graphicography_, @radu_xnorn, and @0xniki.


Fvckrender collaborated with CoinbaseNFT on their gift boxes, which include a physical crystal. Our friends at MoonPay hosted a Fvck_Avatar giveaway on Twitter, introducing some fresh faces to our community. Collectors in the discord were given a chance at allowlist spots for Forgotten Runes Warriors and McLaren’s Genesis NFT Project. We’ll do our best to continue securing more opportunities for our community in the future.


  • More challenges in LVCIDIA.
  • IRL events. MTL and NYC in June.
  • Merch (currently in production).
  • Light Roadmap/White-paper and staking.
  • A-list Artist activation inside LVCIDIA.
  • Tiered benefits depending on amount/types of NFTs held.
  • Collaborations with metaverses.
  • Physical art pieces.
  • Rare NFTs hidden within the game.
  • Star builder.
Sneak peek, Lvcidia Finery
Sneak peek!
Ryan's Handmade Fvck Avatar
Ryan McCue

Ryan is an LA-based writer and filmmaker. He began as a Lvcidia community member in early 2021, drawn to the cinematic beauty of Fvckrender’s virtual creations. His engagement with the community led to him becoming a moderator for the Discord, and in 2022 he was brought on officially to create Lvcidia’s newsletter. He now assists in writing articles for the Lvcidia journal, conducting interviews, and moderating the occasional live Q&A.

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