What Lies Beyond

Black Hole 2

Incoming_Transmission: Hello explorers. With your help, the dark Lvcidia sky now shines brightly amidst a sea of stars. Some remain nameless, while others carry a piece of their creator’s soul. Soon enough, there will be no more resources to harvest from the Black Hole. Will you craft stars, or hold your resources? The choice is in your hands, but be wary: this opportunity may be once in a lifetime.

When you find yourself lost in unfamiliar landscapes, cast your eyes to the sky and escape the waking world


We’re now 5 weeks into the First Era of staking, and everything is progressing beyond our expectations. The secondary market for resources is alive and well (despite difficulties navigating the UI), and just yesterday we had our first star sales on OS. As the era reaches its natural conclusion, and the available resources dry out, we wanted to provide you all with an idea of what’s to come. As shown in the roadmap below, plans are already laid out for both the Second and Third Eras of staking (happening in Q2 and Q4 2023, respectively). And now that the most pressing bugs/improvements have been implemented in the First Era, we are allocating our development resources to the Second Era. With new staking fields, buffs to handmade/rare species of avatars, collector profiles, restaking notifications, and only ONE crafting recipe, we’re confident the Second Era will excite in its innovation.

In between each staking Era, there will be a 3 month development period featuring alternative activities for our community. Staking will be unavailable at that time to allow the team to focus on other facets of Lvcidia. The first of these gap periods will be when the First Era of staking wraps up in Q1. During this time, we will be encouraging the community to craft as many stars as they can with the resources on the market. Incentives will be provided to those who generate the most Lvminance, and who knows? This may be your one and only chance to create a star, leaving your mark on Lvcidia forever.


Lvcidia Roadmap


In our most recent Fvck Monday (available here), we spoke about staking, the overall market, and the future of Lvcidia. Even though staking is our primary focus at the moment, rest assured that behind the scenes there are plenty of other exciting activations in the works. From IRL events to a new collection of Finery, the next year will prove Lvcidia as an unmissable presence in the space. While it has been a rocky few weeks in the world of crypto, the team has continued on unperturbed. Our vision remains the same. Of course, our hearts go out to anyone affected by the recent incidents. We hope you might be able to find some comfort in the collective dream of Lvcidia, as we build a beacon of hope, innovation, and positivity for this space.


After THE ONE (owned by Adastros), the next rarest star in Lvcidia is the MINERS STAR. With only 5 available to craft, this star generates a sizable 1,500–2,500 Lvminance. For anyone who was looking to jump to the top of the Lvminance global leaderboard, crafting a Miners Star was an unmissable opportunity. And on November 18th, a few sharp collectors raced to collect the necessary resources to create a Miners Star before they were all gone. The competition was fierce. Much ETH was spent on resources. Only a few succeeded.

To commemorate the achievement, we would like to congratulate the only 5 Miners Star holders in the galaxy:

1. Miners Star 1668177035 created by vanpe

2. Miners Star 1668737111 created by Adastros

3. Ellyna created by p-vault

4. Miners Star 1668777611 created by mxplt

5. Miners Star 1668790319 created by 764EF1

Collective Lvminance Tracker


Our latest social media initiative headed by @MiklesKatie shines the spotlight on our wonderful community. A diverse arrangement of longtime Lvcidia collectors were polled on what interests them about Lvcidia, with our team creating accompanying graphics for their responses. These ‘portraits’ will be going out over the coming weeks on our Twitter. It has been both educational and inspiring to hear directly from our most engaged community members on what drew them to Lvcidia, and why they continue to support it. Our first portrait, featured below, is on OG supporter @TalvirNFT. Be sure to show him some love, and stay tuned for more collector portraits!

Talvir Collector Profile


3041. At the time of writing, that is the number of Essence that has yet to be burned. The resilience of those of you still holding is admirable. In the near future, the time will come for you to burn your Essence for an increased chance at a coveted 1/1 Handmade Fvck Avatar. The guest artists we’ve invited to participate in this initiative are some of the best the space has to offer, and we’re confident they’ll spark new life into the Fvck Avatar collection. For now, we’re still waiting on the last few Handmade avatars to be submitted. Once we receive them, we’ll organize an event around the addition of these new Handmade avatars to the Essence minting pool.

In the meantime, here are our favorite new avatar reveals of the week!

Avatars of the Week, Week 13


Over on our Twitter this past weekend, we hosted a giveaway for 2 Helium Stars as an initiative to introduce new faces to the world of Lvcidia. Congratulations to the winner @LimeNetw0rk, and the friend they selected to win the second star @Trenton1122. We hope to see you both as active participants in our community’s future, and look forward to seeing what you name your stars!

Meanwhile, our Discord has continued to provide exceptional utility to our collector community. The ever-talented artist ThankYouX, a close friend of Lvcidia, donated 15 allowlist spots to our collectors for his new release STATE OF THE ART. This innovative, art-centric collection proved to be a heavy hitter in the market this weekend, generating over 300 ETH in secondary sales. And thanks to the work of our resident market expert Bonglo, a few lucky members of our community were able to mint the highly anticipated project Cel Mates this past week. If you haven’t heard about it, be sure to read Bonglo’s excellent write-up on the project. Congratulations to everyone in our community who was able to mint — we’ll do our best to continue providing more amazing opportunities for you all. Be sure to thank Bonglo for all his efforts, and congratulate him for becoming an official team member!

Star Duo Giveaway


  • Building our own internal Unreal Engine 4 team.
  • More IRL events. Possibly Art Basel Miami.
  • Finery N2 Collection.
  • Finery derived products (jewelry, toy).
  • A-list artist activation inside LVCIDIA.
  • Physical art pieces.
  • Funding rounds.
  • Burn mechanic for Fvckrender’s NFTs.
Ryan's Handmade Fvck Avatar
Ryan McCue

Ryan is an LA-based writer and filmmaker. He began as a Lvcidia community member in early 2021, drawn to the cinematic beauty of Fvckrender’s virtual creations. His engagement with the community led to him becoming a moderator for the Discord, and in 2022 he was brought on officially to create Lvcidia’s newsletter. He now assists in writing articles for the Lvcidia journal, conducting interviews, and moderating the occasional live Q&A.

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