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Lvcidia Photo by zephyrous#5627

Incoming_Transmission: Hello explorers. While staking undergoes testing, the Lvcidia team is working on exciting new collaborations. With each step we take, we hope for more artists to treat Lvcidia as their home. We thank you for all the continued support that allows us to build this space, one star at at time. Soon enough, you’ll be building it with us.

For all the dreamers who wish for something more, come and escape the waking world


For this week’s Fvck Monday, we spoke with the founders of Degen Toonz: @Baderasadeth and @theprincelail. After launching in February, Degen Toonz worked their way up to being one of the strongest communities in NFTs. We at Lvcidia have huge respect for their work ethic. As fans of each other’s work, we’ve been exploring ways to bring our communities together. So we’re happy to announce that, in collaboration with their project, a previously unclaimed Toonz (#7326) will be hidden within Lvcidia along with a stick of radioactive dynamite (used to create a rare Detonated Toon). The current plan is to hide the NFT on our token-gated planet Rouge//, as part of a scavenger hunt for both communities to partake in. The first Fvck Avatar or Crystal holder to find the Toon will be awarded it.

But the news doesn’t end there! We are also excited to announce that Degen Toonz will be creating a 1/1 handmade Fvck Avatar for our upcoming artist spotlight. Their handmade avatar will be added to the minting pool for Essence, along with other new handmades by some of the best artists in NFTs. The dates for this expansion are not yet released, but in order to have a chance at minting their 1/1 avatar — you’ll need to own an Essence.

Degen Toonz Lvcidia Giveaway


We mentioned in past newsletters that the third and final challenge on Rouge was in development, albeit stalled due to other elements of Lvcidia taking priority. Winners of the first challenge proved their Curiosity, and those who completed the puzzling second challenge proved their Tenacity. We can now say that development for the third challenge is back on track, with a new stone to be awarded. It will build upon past mechanics, while showing you a new side to Lvcidia in the process. For now, that’s all we can say. Be sure to follow our socials for official word on the release date.


Staking is moving through its final stages of testing, and we are now confident in confirming a Q4 release date for the FIRST ERA of Lvcidia staking. Each era will build upon the complexity of the last, gradually introducing the mechanics to our holders. The below branding will be used to promote the First Era, in which holders will stake their NFTs in a Black Hole to receive a variety of resources. With those resources, holders will be able to craft STARS: new namable NFTs marked with a timestamp of their creation. Each star will become a permanent fixture in Lvcidia’s future. Manifold is currently testing contract interactions on the testnet, and was able to create the first star of Lvcidia by burning resources. Next week they’ll be testing the claim mechanisms and staking itself, to make sure everything is up and running. Thank you for your patience — we look forward to building a universe with you all.

Lvcidia First Era


The launch of our N1 finery collection continues to be a great success, with orders now being delivered to customers around the globe. To celebrate the finery collection and our wonderful community, we will be holding a Fashion Show Challenge in the coming weeks. Finery holders will be invited to model their clothing in creative ways, with our favorites being awarded special prizes. We believe it’ll be a great way to showcase our incredible community and the high-end finery we worked so hard to develop. More details on the contest coming soon.

In other finery-related news, more progress has been made on the upcoming N2 collection. The moodboard for the new releases was shown to the team this week, and signals a clear evolution from our N1 collection. N2 will feature new items and new benefits for holders that we’ve recently seen requested. Notably, we are aiming to have a more accessible option for holders who want to rep Lvcidia but struggled to pull the trigger at the previous price point. As this all develops, we are also in talks with a physical store to possibly stock Lvcidia finery IRL (with holder discounts).


Lvcidia Finery Photos
Team member Bonglo (left), Team member Wirelyss (middle), and Victor Mosquera (right)


ESSENCE. No utility, but endless possibility. If you still have one to burn, we suggest holding it until the new handmade avatars are added to the minting pool (date TBD). Our upcoming slate of guest artists have turned in incredible work so far, and there are yet more to come. Do you have the patience to wait? Or will you crack under pressure? Avatars may still have their own secrets left in store, as nothing is what meets the eye in the world of dreams…

In the meantime, here are our favorite new avatar reveals of the week!

Avatars of the Week, Week 9


This week we created a new channel in our Discord, for smaller updates on Lvcidia and life from our lovely team members. There’s a reaction role set up there if you’d like to follow for updates, in an effort to reduce the number of @everyone’s in our server. We want the team to feel comfortable sharing themselves with the community, making the Discord a more personal and fun space. These smaller updates will give you a greater idea of the day-to-day behind the scenes of Lvcidia, and might also include exclusive sneak peeks for those who keep up to date.


As a fun way to commemorate the release of the Whitepaper, our community manager AndyD set up a fun little quiz show in the Discord. Questions were asked regarding the specifics of the 38 page document. As we should have expected, you all performed extremely impressively, answering quickly with ease. In the end, we awarded 3 Fvck Avatars to the winners. On the subject of rewards, we also wanted to remind the community that there is still 1 unclaimed NFT hidden within Lvcidia. Billelis’ beautiful piece “You Created Me” was never found (despite much community effort). Fvckrender and our developers are happy to wait as long as it takes, but in the meantime a hint was given out to help the oldest supporters among you:

“It’s not on Fvckrenderverse.

Billelis hidden NFT
You Created Me by Billelis


  • The final Rouge challenge.
  • More IRL events. Possibly Art Basel Miami.
  • Finery N2 Collection.
  • Finery derived products (jewelry, toy).
  • A-list artist activation inside LVCIDIA.
  • Physical art pieces.
  • New and improved Photo Tool.
  • Rare NFTs hidden within the game.
  • Star builder.
First Star
Ryan's Handmade Fvck Avatar
Ryan McCue

Ryan is an LA-based writer and filmmaker. He began as a Lvcidia community member in early 2021, drawn to the cinematic beauty of Fvckrender’s virtual creations. His engagement with the community led to him becoming a moderator for the Discord, and in 2022 he was brought on officially to create Lvcidia’s newsletter. He now assists in writing articles for the Lvcidia journal, conducting interviews, and moderating the occasional live Q&A.

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