January FLUX Artist: Yudho

Initiating_Transmission: Yudho – Weaving Digital Dreams into Reality

Signal_01: Digital Emergence

Yudho’s artistic journey, rooted in the fundamentals of fine arts, initially found expression in mural work, paintings, and illustration design. This path led him to the uncharted territories of digital art, particularly Web3, where he boldly chose to focus full-time. This decision, made even before realizing any financial success, was driven by a deep-seated conviction that he was part of a significant global art revolution, a journey he passionately embraced.

Signal_02: Unfettered Expression

In his artistic endeavors, Yudho does not limit himself to a singular style, instead choosing to draw what resonates with him and brings him joy. His work often reflects a spectrum of emotions, from melancholy and silence to profound messages on spirituality and humanity, interwoven with contemporary themes like crypto and memes.

This eclectic blend of themes showcases Yudho’s versatility and his ability to engage with a wide range of subjects, creating art that is both personal and universally resonant.

Signal_03: Nexus of Creation

For Yudho, the true essence of connection with his art emerges when others find resonance with his creations. It’s in these moments of shared understanding and emotional connectivity that he finds the greatest fulfillment. To navigate through creative blocks, Yudho turns to his hobbies such as cycling and skateboarding, which offer a respite, and often ignite the spark of new ideas. His creative process is deeply intuitive, allowing his initial concepts to evolve freely, thereby giving each artwork its unique character and narrative.

Signal_04: A New Landscape

Yudho perceives FLUX as an innovative platform that offers a deeper insight into the works of emerging artists. The feature that allows collectors to “lock in” artworks permanently adds a fascinating dimension to the art collection, introducing an element of enduring commitment to the pieces they choose.

Through his participation in FLUX, Yudho aims to accomplish more than showcasing his art; to share and communicate his emotions, striving to forge a deep and meaningful connection with the audience and artists involved.

Signal_05: Transformative Success

Success, in Yudho’s perspective, transcends conventional measures and is deeply entwined with the emotional connections forged through art. As an artist still in the early stages of his journey, he continually explores and redefines what success means to him. A pivotal moment came post-hack when the advice from his friend and fellow artist, Sathar, to focus on the resources at hand led to the creation of his current collection. Yudho views the act of selling art not merely as a transaction but as an act of sharing, a means to extend and deepen the connection between himself and the collector.

Signal_06: Future Exploration

Looking ahead, Yudho is excited to explore deeper into the possibilities with custom LED displays and lights, envisioning a unique artistic expression where each pixel is represented by an individual LED light. His aspirations for collaboration and expansion include working with renowned digital artist fvckrender, who’s style heavily inspired this piece of work, creating pieces for museums, entering traditional galleries, and participating in prestigious auctions.

These goals reflect his ambition to bridge the gap between digital and traditional art worlds, bringing his unique vision to a broader audience.

Signal_07: Closing

Yudho’s artistic narrative is a reminder that beauty and illumination can emerge from life’s darker experiences. He believes in the power of art to transform and enlighten, drawing parallels to the way a lotus flower blooms from murky waters. His journey is a testament to the resilience and transformative power of art, and he invites everyone to join him in this journey by following his work and upcoming projects on his website, yudho.xyz. 


Bonglo, a prominent builder within Web3 and Leading Research & Artist Relations for LVCIDIA, brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and creative insight to the team. His journey from coastal Australia to being a published Environmental Microbiologist at Texas A&M has instilled in him a rigorous, data-driven approach. This methodology, shaped by curiosity & the scientific method, is now applied to his work collaborating with artists in the web3 space.

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