LVCIDIA 2024: Looking Forward

Incoming_Transmission: GM Explorers. We are off to a roaring start to 2024 with the Community Planet fully crafted, the claim for Deeds going live and week-long LVCIDIA 2.0 alpha playtest launching very soon exclusively for FVCK_Avatar and FVCK_Crystal holders. But first, let’s kick off this year by looking back on 2023 and see what we can learn from it.

A Letter From our Team

As we welcomed the new year, we took some time to reflect on how far we’ve come. We’re incredibly thankful for our community, and we’re committed to being transparent and accountable to you.

We understand how crucial it is to take a moment to look back, celebrate the victories, admit where we’ve gone wrong, and use those experiences to grow and plan ahead for 2024.

Join us on this journey of reflection and renewal guided by our COO, Manny Fortin, by reading his letter to our community here.


Claim your Deeds

As the community planet has been fully crafted and the Second Era comes to an end, you can now claim the fruits of your labor.

The Deeds claim opened on February 5th, and already, many have claimed their Deed.

Each collector’s Deed is special and the visual appearance is determined by the type and quantity of resources contributed. Deeds can also be sold, bought, split and merged.

To claim your Deed and receive your Deed Discord role, please visit our website. After claiming, you will find your Deed under thisΒ OpenSea collection.

A complete guide to Deeds can be found here.


LVCIDIA 2.0 Launch

The highly anticipated re-launch of LVCIDIA will start with FVCK_Avatar and FVCK_Crystal holders getting exclusive early access to the weeklong alpha playtest starting on February 15th.Β 

The immersive platform was painstakingly and completely rebuilt using Unreal Engine 5 by our talented devs. Holders will be able to explore the upgraded galaxy with breathtaking graphics and immersive audio.

All stars crafted from First Era will be visible in the LCVIDIA skies. The newly crafted Community Planet will make its first appearance.

This alpha playtest will be available for one week so get ready to explore. We want to hear all of your feedback in this newly created Discord channel to ensure we address everything for the beta version.

lvcidia 2.0

January Flux Artist : Yudho

On January 31st, your FLUX transformed yet again and this time to a mesmerizing artwork by Yudho.

Through his participation in FLUX, Yudho aims to accomplish more than showcasing his art; to share and communicate his emotions, striving to forge a deep and meaningful connection with the audience and artists involved.

The choice is yours whether to lock in this beautiful piece or to see what lies ahead next month. If you want to participate in the 12-month journey of FLUX, you can view the collection here. Visit the FLUX page on our site for a guide on how to lock your NFT

β„œπ”žπ”‘π”¦π”žπ”±π”’ by Yudho
β„œπ”žπ”‘π”¦π”žπ”±π”’ by Yudho


On January 24th, we celebrated and rewarded 6 of our biggest collectors and supporters with 1/1’s from the FVCK Archives.

Congratulations to @adastros, @bubbavanpe.eth, @NFTArtGallery, @.bubbap, @oinoice and @and.sty7!

In addition to receiving 2 1/1’s each, they have also been given a new Discord role to match.

We will continue keeping an eye on the community and reward other incredible community members over time.

You can see other artworks in this collection here.

fvckrender archive

Outgoing_Transmission: That is all we have to share for now as we continue to build LVICIDA and make our original vision of an immersive 3D platform for art and experiences a reality. These are exciting times and there is so much more that lies ahead. We can’t wait for our holders to explore the new LVCIDIA and unlock the next step in their awakening journey.

June FLUX Artist: 0xMinimalism

June FLUX Artist: 0xMinimalism

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May FLUX Artist: Mehmet Karafilm

May FLUX Artist: Mehmet Karafilm

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April FLUX Artist: Anz

April FLUX Artist: Anz

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